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White Bondage Rope from Bound to Please

Virginal white cotton bondage rope is very popular because of its classic cool appearance. Like a “little black dress” it has a classic everlasting appeal.  This is the softest bondage rope that we sell and is made of pure bleached cotton.

Cotton is a natural vegetable fibre and so is vegan and vegetarian friendly as are all our bondage ropes. Ideal for those with a sensitive skin. At Bound to Please we care about our customers’ requirements.

Made in the classical magicians' pattern it is actually hollow for lightness combined with strength and has an oval profile so that it flattens nicely to the body.   English made magicians' rope does not have a core. So of course this bondage rope is also ideal for use in magic tricks.

 We can even supply you wth a classic magic rope trick ready made with instructions written by a professional magician including some dubious jokes.

 If you would like to wash your cotton bondage rope use cool water and a lot of fabric conditioner. If you use the right product to wash it you can even make it glow under ultra violet light, a nice touch for the club scene.

white 7mm bondage rope

Approximately 6/7mm thick (about 1/4 inch)   Great for Japanese rope bondage.

11 metres/36 feet6.45
15 metres/48 feet9.25

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White 10mm bondage rope

Approximately 10mm thick (about 3/7th inch).   A good all purpose bondage rope.

10 metres/ 33 feet9.95

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white 15mm bondage rope

The Jumbo thick grade bondage rope, 15mm (about 1/2 inch)

10 metres/ 33 feet11.45

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