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Bondage Tape from Bound to Please

What is bondage tape? Well think of the wide duct tape used as a gag in gangster movies but brought up to date as an alternative to bondage rope. It does not have any adhesive on it; modern bondage tape has a self cling property like cling film but a lot cooler and sexier - it comes in black white red  purple and sometimes at Bound to Please we have it in pink. It is very shiny and looks great when bound round your body to make a tight fitting bondage tape dress. Its equally sexy when used for a  blindfold. It can be wound round wrists or ankles to act like handcuffs.
Its the ultimate exciting fashion accessory for the fetish clubbing scene for shiny bras panties or skirts and remember it sticks to itself and not your skin  and so bondage tape  does not become tighter once its wound round you as it only sticks  to itself (electrostatically we believe) and not to you.  Of course the tighter you pull it when applying it the tighter will be the dress you make with it. The types of fetish wear outfits you can make are only limited by your imagination not the bondage tape itself.
Because bondage tape's self cling property makes it only cling to itself, it doesn't  stick to your hair or skin and is easy and painless  to remove.   If you apply it carefully and make it lie flat on the skin there is very minimal risk of it affecting circulation. Be careful not to let it twist or it will become like a plastic string and can pinch or cut off circulation 

Of course bondage tape is totally re-usable if you have the patience to straighten it out and rewind it.

1 reel of bondage tape, 2 inches wide and 20 metres long.

Bondage Tape

Bondage tape available in black, white, red and purple

Red bondage tape 6.50
Sorry, out of stock: 

Purple bondage tape 6.50 Sorry. out of stock
Black bondage tape 6.50 Sorry, out of stock
White bondage tape 6.50
Sorry, out of stock

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Bondage tape

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