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FAQs - Bondage rope and Bound to Please

How will my bondage rope be packaged?

In a plain jiffy bag, mailing sack or cardboard box.  No brand name or logos and the return details show the address only.  Customs declarations show "magicians' rope".

When will I receive my order?

We ship within 2 business days of receiving your order, often sooner.  Shipping to Europe takes about 5 working days, to the US and the rest of the world about 7-8 working days.

How will my payment show on my credit card?

D A Sturge BTP,- no mention of Bound-to-Please.

Can you cut my rope for me?

Yes, when you place an order you'll find a box for messages and instructions.  Just tell us what you want,- no extra charge.

I don't like the lengths that you sell.

Just email us and tell us what you want.   We'll send you a link that will put exactly what you want in your shopping cart.

Can I order by phone?

Yes, just phone 0121 427 1004 and we'll put your order through our terminal.

What is magicians' rope?

 "Magicians'" is the technical name of the pattern of our cotton ropes

It was invented by a professional magician; A magician working with rope on stage needs something which can be seen at the back of the theatre which means it has to be substantial, but it also has to be easy to cut.  The solution is a rope which is hollow, the 16 plaits are arranged in a circle.  This makes the rope softer, easier to cut and it will flatten slightly to the body.

Do you sell hemp bondage rope?

No, the preparation of hemp rope is very specialised, time consuming and expensive. Why not take a look at our Linen Bondage rope

Why don't you sell purple cotton bondage rope

We've been looking for the yarn in the UK for 3 years now and haven't found it yet at a reasonable price.   We're still looking.

Where is your rope made?

At a traditional UK factory,- one of the last in the country, by people who really know their stuff.

How are the ends finished?

The cotton bondage ropes are hand whipped with cotton embroidery thread,- specify a colour if you like.  Whipping doesn't really work on the polyprops,- it tends to slip, so we use heat shrink tubing.

May I have a sample?

Yes, just email us,- we have enormous bits bags at Bound to Please .

Why is your site such rubbish?

Sorry, we're rope people rather than computer people.  Do please let us know if anything's broken and we'll try to fix it.

Will you come and tie me up?

No, sorry!


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