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Welcome to our world of bondage rope, - and other nice things

pink silk bondage rope
bondage bear
linen bondage rope
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Linen rope
black bondage rope
red bondage rope
blue bondage rope
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Blue rope
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Silk bondage rope
Bondage tapeSilk bondage rope
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White rope
Silk bondage scarves

Bound-to-Please - you pay for the bondage rope, the service comes free.

You may have seen the "adult" toy sites, hundreds of items, prepacked, mostly made in China.  Our site is different.  Our  ropes are made by specialist factories in England and come to us on big reels ready to be cut to order.

This is custom tailoring for bondage rope.

How to buy bondage rope from Bound to Please

You've found a rope and a length you want but you'd like it cut into 2 pieces, or 3 or whatever.  Just put a note on your payment and we'll cut and whip it the way you want it.  You want white rope whipped with baby pink?  No problem!

You want a longer length?  Just buy 2 or more and when you pay put on a note asking us to leave it in one piece.

You want a complete custom set of bondage ropes?   Email us with the details and we'll give you a quote and a link to your own personal item in your shopping cart.   We colour co-ordinate the whipping (all the 12 foot lengths are whipped in one colour, all the 24 foot lengths in another and so on). Or we whip it any way you want it.

Japanese shibari rope bondage. 

 Traditionally hemp rope has been used but this is very expensive,- and it sheds!  Try our 7mm ropes as an affordable alternative. Or maybe take a look at our new Shibari Japanese rope bondage page.

Bedroom Bondage. 

 Maybe a soft, thicker bondage rope for that special romantic evening.   Or perhaps a set of our large scarves for silk scarf bondage.


 All Bound to Please bondage ropes are very, very strong.

Don't know where to start with rope bondage?

 Email us at Bound to Please.  We don't just sell rope, we know rope.

Or take a look at the DVD we sell.

Don't  forget to read my blog, the Musings of a Bondage Rope Seller

White Bondage Rope
Red Bondage Rope
Black Bondage Rope
Blue Bondage Rope
Silk Bondage rope
Silk Scarf Bondage
Bondage tape
Linen Bondage rope

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